Tuesday, May 8, 2012

White out

There is something just so ethereal about a beautiful white dress. Blake Lively's Chanel Haute Couture dress she wore at the Green Lantern premiere is a classic example - elegant, simple and sexy

Another gorgeous red carpet look by Mila Kunis. I'm absolutely in love with the gold accents she's added, matched with a girly pair of Mary Janes. Here's the thing, she's gone all white, white heels, white dress with slight gold accents. Now hold your thoughts, before you start hyperventilating just stop for a moment and realise that despite what everyone says about white making you look "fat", there's nothing wrong with a bit of white on white. In fact, it's a gentle soft look you'd want to get white into!

For a simple white outfit, trying mixing and matching different fabric designs to stop you looking like a table cloth, think lace and crochet detailing, mixed with white floral lace and white leather.

Asymmetrical hemlines help to accentuate your pins, especially if you have shorter legs or wider calves. Detailing off the shoulder creates a feminine touch, whilst a piece of statement jewellery can help bring your look together.

Dress by Senses, Spring white heels from Zensu, Bambi earrings and bracelets from...who knows where!

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