Friday, April 27, 2012

House of Harlow

There is nothing that quite finishes off an outfit like a piece of statement jewellery. Think big, bold and beautiful! They add a hint of glamour, bedazz and above all, they're exciting. Nicole Richie's 'House of Harlow 1960' is an amazing example of statement pieces that not only grab your attention, but have you momentarily excusing yourself for your handkerchief as you wipe the drool off your face. Like a sir

These are some of my favourite pieces of Autumn:

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House of Harlow 1960 Aztec Bangle with lapis leather 
These deep beetle-red and Aztec designs shout unique. Match it with a pair of shorts for a festival look, or a blazer for a fun night out

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House of Harlow 1960 Gold Plated Hoop earrings with black enamel triangles
If only the name of the design was as exciting as the earrings themselves. These are bold and absolutely eye-catching. Let them do all the talking!

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House of Harlow 1960 Spike and Cone Ring
This takes statement ring to a whole new level! Just make sure you don't fist-bump anyone when you wear it
House of Harlow 1960 Triangle Locket Necklace
House of Harlow 1960 Triangle Locket Necklace
This has a simple elegance about it, the duochrome colours of black and gold add sophistication and a certain sort of daintyness. 

House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Drop Necklace in Silver

House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Drop Necklace in Silver
Statement and quirky, just make sure you don't shoot someone in the knee with it!

And now for my ultimate favourite:

House of Harlow 1960Station Necklace in Black Leather
Do I even need to say anything about it?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairytale Fashion

Sometimes all it takes is a click, a flash and all of a sudden you find yourself looking at something magical, picturesque - fashion. No, not the type of fashion 13 year old girls take in their own bathroom mirrors, their face a closer resemblance of a cream cheesecake than their own soft childhood skin. This is the fashion that makes you gasp, gawk and grin: Fairytale Fashion

''The Snow Queen'' by Tim Walker for UK Vogue (2009)


“Little Girl & Boy Lost” by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue:

This is a reinterpretation of Hansel and Gretel, featuring Lily Cole, Andrew Garfield and Lady Gaga. This absolutely magical photography not only brings the designs to life, but it makes you realise that fashion is more than a piece of fabric draped around a skeletal frame. 

littlegirlandboylost6 <em>Vogue</em> | Little Girl & Boy Lost–Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole & Lady GaGa by Annie Leibovitz

littlegirlandboylost4 <em>Vogue</em> | Little Girl & Boy Lost–Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole & Lady GaGa by Annie Leibovitz

littlegirlandboylost2 <em>Vogue</em> | Little Girl & Boy Lost–Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole & Lady GaGa by Annie Leibovitz

littlegirlandboylost5 <em>Vogue</em> | Little Girl & Boy Lost–Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole & Lady GaGa by Annie Leibovitz

littlegirlandboylost3 <em>Vogue</em> | Little Girl & Boy Lost–Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole & Lady GaGa by Annie Leibovitz

littlegirlandboylost1 <em>Vogue</em> | Little Girl & Boy Lost–Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole & Lady GaGa by Annie Leibovitz

Fairytale inspired shots by Eugenio Recuenco

Until then, never stop dreaming - you never know when your fantasies might just become reality

Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Lace Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Peterpan collars can turn your outfit from drab to effortless elegance. 

Here's an extremely simple DIY you can whip up in less than 15 minutes.

You will need
(these were just lying around in my house, but feel free to substitute and make this your own style)
- cloth (20x20)
- lace (40cm)
- string
- button
- cutout stencil

Now, time to get sewing!

Cutout a stencil (measure this against your own neck/template, as everyone has a different shaped body)

Pin down the stencil, and cut around it

Repeat, for the other side

To ensure clean edges, I pinned down the section I wanted to sew over. Allow yourself a little bit of room, depending on how confident you are with a sewing machine

Nice neat edges!

Get ribbing, and grab a bit of ribbon and sew it down to the edge of the half moon shape

Lace it up next,

Here I let the two pieces of lace overlap after I sewed them onto the collar, as the button I'm using next is going to cover it up anyway

And now I present you: Simple easy DIY Peter Pan Collar!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We're just ordinary people

This is an Alexa Chung/vintage inspired look, which adds a romantic edge to otherwise somewhat boring essentials. 

Add a pair of lace socks, or thigh-high socks to give you outfit not only a bit of sex-appeal, but also elegant-chick (never though I'd use those two words in the same sentence, but there you go). 

Basque cardigan, tucked into a Bebe skirt. Matched with a vintage Chanel handbag, vintage heels and a pair of thigh-high silk socks, for a bit of va-va-voomph. Finished off with a pair of vintage earrings, 'love' ring from Diva, and a Farrah Felt Floppy Hat from Dotti (this hat is honestly one of the most used items in my wardrobe at the moment. With the shy bursts of sun Autumn has been blessing us with, I just can't get enough of it! Skin protection and elegance all in one, what more could you ask for?)

Try to keep makeup neutral, and don't forget the most important thing before you head outdoors - sunscreen. This baby not only protects you against wrinkles, but more importantly harmful cancer-causing UVA rays. After all, studies show we only need 10 minutes of sunshine a day!

And although this phrase has as much cheese as a cheese-platter, I'll end this with one phrase that's always touched me, "Happiness is a mood, a condition, not a destination. It's like being tired or hungry, it's not permanent." So it's only healthy to feel broken and sad once in a while, afterall, what is happiness if we never know what sadness is? Aren't we just ordinary people, who don't know which way to go? So let's just take things slow for now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Must have mustard

It's time to muster up some courage, and add a splash of mustard to your wardrobe! I've been a massive fan of mustard for a while now, and it's great to see Australian designers really spicing things up

Sass and Bide 2012 collection

 Simona with their striking mustards

Here's a few suggestions on how to co-ordinate mustard into your life

1. I am colour, hear me roar
Go for it, mix and match your favourite colours and never be boring ever again. Not for the faint hearted!
Victoria Beckham Mustard Wrap Collar Dress (it's no wonder although it's a pricey $2K+, it's completely sold out). ALC Zoe Blazer, (this baby is seen everywhere, from Kim Kardashian to Kaley Cuoco) and Zara Heels that shout look at me baby. Bring the outfit altogether with a hint of tangerine-red lipcolour

2. Backstage helper

If you're not ready to give yellow the green light, then then just add a pinch of mustard to your everyday look. Think necklaces, for example this mustard fringe necklace or handbags, like this simple Kardashian Kollection Push Lock in Mustard.

So go out there ladies, and make a statement! 

3. Touch of sun
Add a splash of sunshine to brighten up your day. I love how bold Olivia Palermo is, her outfit screams elegant chick. I was utterly inspired by her style, with prompted me to try something similar. Don't forget those hats (not only do they help stop pre-mature aging, they also help protect our skin). After all, we only want a touch of sun, not a slap of sunburn! 


Dress from Envious, Florentina Panama Hat in 'Ginger' from Sportsgirl, Jem Square Turnlock Crossbody from Colette, vintage necklace (passed down).