Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SNEAKing suspiscions

The sneaker-wedge has taken off faster than the average student's attention span, but the real question is would you wear it? Everyone from Miranda Kerr to Olivia Palermo and Beyonce have been sporting these, they're flashy, glittery and scream ''look at me''.

Personally, they're a bit too exquisite for exercise, afterall is that not what sneakers are for? To tone those thigh muscles? The only things you'll be toning in these are blisters on your feet.


Even Nike has jumped on the bandwagon

Miu Miu's glitter and sparkle bonanza in 2011



Jeffrey Campbell Ascension
Jeffrey Campbell takes this to a whole new level, you can't help but admire his creativity. Love or loathe?

However, in saying that, I don't mind these metallic Adidas, they'd be harder to keep clean than your room, but at least they're not 10cm high. Until then, hope this has jogged your memory!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Having shot the line in Africa, it only made sense there was a soft golden glow to the collection. Hints of savannah-inspired colours, and rusty red hues hit the catwalk. There were hints of punchy patterns, soft feminine collars, graphic cuts and asymmetrical hemlines. Absolutely stunning, fun and flirty! 

From left to right: Manning Cartell, Sass & Bide, Toni Maticevski, Fleur Wood and Jayson Brunsdon

Does the blue Jayson Brunsdon dress not scream out, 'I would love scones with my tea please'? Feminine straight collars matched with a heart-shaped, sheer-sleeved dress makes it the perfect 'girly' dress. Absolutely in love. Here are a few of my favourites:

Myer spring/summer 2013 fashion parade
Jayson Brunsdon
Peplum and lace accentuates the feminine figure. A hint of sequin adds splashes of fun and sparkle to your outfit.

Myer Spring 2012 launch - Catwalk
The jacket, second from the right. What an amazing silhouette! Can't get enough of it. The shoes are very Zara-esque, elegant level 9000, comfort level unfortunately 0.
Myer Spring 2012 launch - Catwalk
We're seeing a lot of metallics and sequins, and I am definitely not complaining. The tangerine lip colours adds spice and colour to the outfit, although honestly the wearability of it is questionable. Although very bold and statement, you're basically asking for attention whether you want it or not!

Myer Spring 2012 launch - Catwalk
Manning Cartel
Myer Spring 2012 launch - Catwalk

Myer Spring 2012 launch - backstage

Models showcase designs by Cue during the MYER Spring Summer 2013 Collection Fashion Launch at Hordern Pavilion on August 16, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
Cue matches print on print. Bold, fun and exciting

Models showcase designs by Cue during the MYER Spring Summer 2013 Collection Fashion Launch at Hordern Pavilion on August 16, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
Cue with their florals again. Very feminine, and the necklace just beckons for attention, the fluttering eyelash sort of attention.
A model showcases designs by TL Wood during the MYER Spring Summer 2013 Collection Fashion Launch at Hordern Pavilion on August 16, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
TL Wood with a great outfit ensemble. Clean cuts, and simple tones bring out the soft-patterned-print.
A model showcases designs by Kate Sylvester during the MYER Spring Summer 2013 Collection Fashion Launch at Hordern Pavilion on August 16, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
Kate Sylvester's outfit is feminine and ever-so-structured. Her line is finished perfectly with a simple collar, it adds a edgy dimension. A soft blush matched with the black-and-white features of this outfit would make this absolutely stunning

Did I mention how jaw-droppingly feminine and amazing Jason Brundson's line was? Oh I did, well, I'm sure listening to this rant a third time won't hurt! Oh you've really got MYer heart pumping!

.Myer spring/summer 2013 fashion parade

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Define: ''Toe Cap Heels''

Noun. Often referred to as 'metal-tip heels' or 'two-toned metal heels'.

1. A shoe with a metal tip at the toe. Not sure why revolutionary or looks so great, but looks so great. Elongates and slims down legs
2. The go-to heel for those days when you wake up and the first thing you want to do is go back to bed (aka everyday)
3. When your uterus gives you your monthly punch out, and you just want to mope around all day - wear these for instant sex appeal, even though you're feeling as sexy as a piece of moulding tofu
4. The type of heel that is used more than your gym membership.

Roksanda Ilincic

Giuseppe Zanotti Bi-colour Specchio Shoes

Pringle of Scotland Mixed Media Pumps

Stella McCartney Closed-toe Slip-ons

ADELE by Tony Bianco

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Opyum 105 Pumps

 | Women's Platform Pumps | Platformebi | პლატფორმები
Valentino Studded Toe Cap Suede Pumps

Friday, August 3, 2012


This may seem like a never ending cycle of maxi skirts, but there's nothing quite like them, you can easily hide a pair of tights underneath for warmth, and they're perfect for Winter because you never have to get out the wax! (Lazy level, over 9000). But rest assured, this is going to one of the last ''HOW TO WEAR MAXI'' posts. But you have to admit, I've given it MAXImum effort!

This is one of my go-to skirts, simply because the elasticised waist hides the extra tyres! Think colourful blouse to match your colourful skirt, it'll help brighten your outfit. To avoid looking like a walking circus however, go for a simple, subtle blazer (or leather jacket). Accessories were kept minimum, as you want your top and skirt to do all the talking today! 

Another rendition I love doing is with a leather jacket, and bold heels. What do you think of the wedges, love it or hate it? I'm getting mixed reviews, probably 99% hate it, 1% love it