Friday, May 4, 2012

DIY Pearl Tips Collar

Feeling free and ready to waste a little time revamping your wardrobe? This is a simple yet rewarding DIY project. It was 1:30am when I started this project, on my carpet, armed with a gluegun and a blouse, so please forgive me for any dodgy photos.

Time required: 30 minutes

You will need
-old blouse
-glue gun

I gathered a string of old pearls, from a vintage necklace that I broke many years ago, and a blouse from my old school uniform (this was truly a project for turning junk into treasure)

 Carefully, cut the collar from your blouse, you can either leave some room so you can resew the edges (for a cleaner finish), or you can be lazy and go for a messy-grunge rough edges look

(I just used my kitchen scissors because I was too lazy to go for a roundabout search at 1:30am for my sewing ones)

Decide on a design you want (I graduated from small pearls to larger pearls), and stencil in lightly your template design (haha, I ended up using chopsticks to place the pearls on, but I highly do not recommend this - it's super time consuming and you end up gluing your chopsticks to your collar if you're not careful!)

Preheat your gluegun (make sure your glue is quite hot, be patient!)

Attach your pearls systematically

This next step is optional:
Replace your original boring button with a brooch, or more elegant button.


  1. So much fun to be had! Where can I get a gluegun? :(

  2. probably K-mart/Target etc. =D

  3. I LOVE IT! Awesome DIY ROSEY!