Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hair DIY: Curly Braided Side Updo

For those days where you want to be an elegant princess, feel more feminine than you actually are and for those nights where you bothered to shave, here's a perfect yet simple little updo. It goes very well for formals, weddings and parties, it looks like you've tried, when you've only truly invested 10-15 minutes.

You'll need:
A straightener or curler
Big clip
Three elastic bands
Bobby pins (both large and small)

Firstly section your hair and pin up your top layers. Now curl your hair either using a straightener or curler. I used the ghd IV mini and cannot recommend it enough. It's absolutely amazing. As always, don't forget to heat protect your hair before your start!

As you can see, I haven't been too neat. It's okay if not every curl is a perfect pig's tail, you just want to add a little volume and style to your hair.

Braid two sections of your hair, this helps to create a feminine touch, and also helps keep your hair in place. I also braided the hair across the nape of my neck, as I find when I don't it always falls out. Alternatively you can just bobby pin it.
 Tie up all your braids into one side knot. Once again, don't worry about being too perfect, this has a very easy, messy feel to it so it looks very carefree and it's a lot easier to maintain throughout the night.

 Now comes the hard part! From your side knot, scrunch it today and knot it into one bun. You can see how nicely the braids keep all the hair together! Don't be afraid to start sticking those pins in, use bigger pins for the bun as this will help keep it together.
 Tuck in any loose curls with bobby pins and finish with a spritz of hair spray.

Love it, or hate it? On other's the Beauty and the Geek Mansion! Draw drop! I wore this look to my cousin's engagement party, and surprisingly despite all the dancing, drinking and wind it stayed together all night! So give it a try, good luck and have bun...I mean fun!

My excitement levels when I saw the stairs was almost embarrassing. I am an absolutely massive (avid, gigantic, extraordinary, humongous etc.) Beauty and the Geek fan.

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