Tuesday, July 31, 2012


For those days where you're feeling spontaneous and more daring than a bottle of VODKA, try matching a bustier with your maxi. To avoid looking like a tramping mess, go for a high waisted skirt, here I went for one with a slight leg split as it they're easier to manoeuvre in and adds a flirtatious dimension to your outfit.

Going all black makes this perfect for day and night, accessories were minimal and sophisticated, as the bustier should be drawing all the attention!

So, BUSTIER a move, I've got your BLACK

Oh hohohoho, look at that evil smile!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Tuxedo Girl

They say it's a man's world, but why can't it be a woman's? This is a take on the modern tuxedo, except in maxi skirt form. Think black and white, with silver, gold or bronze accents. The bustier cuts through the sheer lace blouse, which acts as a contrast to the straight A-line skirt. Understated, but sexy.

Let's woman up, and lace this!

Accessories were kept simple, with bronze/gold and black tones. My makeup had a similar theme, with gold accented lips and darker eyeshadow (my super talented sister did it!)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Thought maxi skirts were just for Summer? Think again. They add texture and dimension to your wardrobe, not to mention they scream ''look at this goddess'' where ever you walk. But how would you wear it so that you're not freezing your poor pins off?  

So give it your all, give it your MAXImum

Leather up

Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple, they block out the wind, yet also provide edge to your outfit. Think stand-out accessories to help bring your outfit to a whole new level of ''cool''. The oversized t-shirt makes this an easy outfit to wear as well.


The hairstyle was slightly more feminine, a fishtail and frenchbraid incorporated together, finished with loose curls

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Feeling a bit wild and fun? Pink Zebra Print Lips, Watermelon Lips, Panda, Hearts, what more would you want? These make a statement like no other. Lips get started!



It's audacious to think of these as everyday wear, unless you're gracing the covers of Vogue, or shooting Prada ads in your spare time, so here's another more subtle, yet wearable lip colour: tangerine. Don't be afraid to LIP out these wild shades!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Like a bunny

I was packing for camp the other day and came across a few things in my closet I've completely forgotten about, so this is just a quick outfit I put together. Did someone say warm?

Blazers give a versatile touch, you can dress them up and down, and they're always a big hit during Winter, when the weather is about as unpredictable as my study patterns. I've thrown together denim with khaki for a Winter twist, it's undoubtedly warm but it's also different from the common cotton shirt and jeans. Accessories were kept minimal, but statement (I went for a simple red lip stain to match the dark reds in the headband)

Chill out, have fun. YOLO (just kidding.....)

Marc Jacobs blazer, Romeo and Juliet bottoms, RMK Heels, Stella McCartney bag

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've been working on a few projects for a while, and if I ever finish them (because I am one of those silly people who get really excited and start a lot of projects and never complete them), I will upload the photos.  However, in saying that most of them are almost there, just a bit more stitching, beading, and lacing to go. Before you ''cool story bro'' me, and wonder why in the world I'm even writing this post, I know if I share this with you, I'll be more motivated to finish them.

J Crew Sophie Gown inspired

Fell in love with this, however, did not fall in love with the price tag, 3K+. So this has been my project for a while, thinking of making a bit sexier with a wider leg split and less lace. Ideas?

Sophie gown

Sophie gown

Sophie gown

Sophie gown

Alexander McQueen/Jay Ahr inspired velvet gown

I wanted something sophisticated and sexy for Winter, as chiffon and silk gowns in Winter really does nothing to hide those goosebumps. Inspired by Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen black velvet gown - looks elegant and I just want to run my hand through that soft velvet! I've replaced sections of the gown with see-through panels for subtle sex appeal, agree (similar to Jay Ahr's '12 Black Sheer Dress)? Hate the idea? Love the idea? Thinking of adding in some bead detailing to create a feminine silhouette, as plain black velvet tends to look too strong and bold on its on. 

Jay Ahr black sheer dress Brown Thomas €4375 whisty

How to lose a guy in 10 days inspired

I remember falling in love with this gown the first time I saw it in primary school, so years later I'm ready for some childhood reminiscence. Working with velvet again (absolutely love this stuff for Winter, really keeps you warm), and because I have such a tiny bust, I'm going to add some lace detailing to give it a bit of attention. Well.... I'll probably need 30 metres of that stuff to make me look like I have a bust, but you know a girl can always dream

Black Lace Skirt
Oh goodness, words cannot even express how long I've been working on this for. I've essentially given up already because I have the attention span of a two year old. But you never know I might actually finish this one day...... 

Two-tone peplum lace skirt
Was fiddling around with concepts, textures and fabrics and wildly thought about creating a two-tone peplum lace skirt (lace navy/black peplum on a cream cotton skirt). Too audacious? I haven't seen any designers or shops selling this yet, and I am absolutely in love with the concept, so might as well attempt to make my own

Party peplum skirt

Batman Skirt
This is my ultimate dream project, A BATMAN SKIRT! Inspired by AJE's collection, this is absolutely perfect for the premiere for The Dark Knight Rises (can't wait!)

Now to stop wistfully thinking of these pieces and to start finishing them