Saturday, June 30, 2012

CHEETAHS will always be CHEETAHS

Matching different textures can help give your outfit dimension and accentuate certain elements. Lace subtly hints femininity whilst leopard prints scream bold and wild. Add a snakeskin-style clutch for an edgy night-time look. Think minimal but bold accessories, you want your outfit to do all the talking tonight! 

Match them together for a statement everyone can SPOT

Oh look, I have toes for fingers.....

Thursday, June 28, 2012


These were snapped a while ago, and I never planned on posting them up, due to a certain scumbag who always trolls these photos, but I thought why not?

I cannot get over how amazing these Miss Sixty Jeans are, they have the perfect about of elastic and stretch. This is a simple 'go to' outfit, easy to convert from night to day. Just chuck on a blazer and a pair of heels and you're ready to hit the night, like there's no tomorrow! Must haves: a comfortable pair of jeans, simple top and my favourite - arm candy. Arm candy just helps to accentuate your outfit and draw attention

And to end things off with a horrible pun: I'll be CANdid, I'm a ''yes you CAN'' for arm CANdy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


One of the biggest problems I have is actually getting rings to fit me. Unless I belittle myself and buy cheap little 'BEST FWEND' Diva rings intended for 5 year olds, they just about never fit me. So this is just a neat trick I use to get bigger rings to fit on me (without needing to resize them).

See? Dilemma, there is absolutely no hope that this petal ring will ever fit on my fingers 

The Plan? Grab a ring that DOES fit and place it above the loose ring (here I've gone for an adjustable heart ring in a gold tone. Yes.... just about the only rings that fit me are adjustable rings. So sad). It'll act as a barrier/barricade/stopper (you get the point)

 Ta da! Now there's no hope of the ring falling off.

Simple, but works every time!

Monday, June 25, 2012


This is just a quick blog post on how to take an outfit from day to night.This has a wonderful swinging sixties look to it, the skirt was originally longer and not elasticised, however I decided I needed a ''buffet skirt'' - that's right, the kind you wear to buffets that have great elasticity so it can stretch and stretch and you can eat and eat!

I love the 3/4 arm length coats, because they work just as well for day-time outfits as they do for night-time, whilst showing off your arm candy beautifully. Opt for flats for daytime and do your hair in simple loose waves (or you can just be lazy like me and brush it with your hand on the bus), or pin it back and add a pair of heels for night-time sophistication.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Peeping Peplums

Peplums make a bold statement in your wardrobe, helping to accentuate your curves and provide sophistication. Lisa Ho and Aurelio Costarella showcased some amazing pieces, with peplum bodices at the MBFWA this year. So will the trend last, or just plum-met?


Alexander McQueen 

Alexander McQueen

Lisa ho

Aurelio Costarella

Here are a few ideas to get you started

Can't TOP this
Keep it classic and sophisticated with clean-cut colours, this will help accentuate the gracefulness and elegance of the top. Go for gold or rose-gold tones with simple diamonte detailing to lift your outfit from day to night.

This is a completely different take, it's a mesh-up of an Evil Twin Prisoner of Today tunic and denim peplum. It almost reminds me of a more grunge, festival look. If you have shorter legs, try to opt for heels instead, as the peplum skirt may make you look shorter if it finishes knee-length. Don't go overboard on accessories, and try more statement pieces instead, like this House of Harlow Long Arrow Ring

PERKY colours
What's more amazing than a well-fitted dress? A well-fitted dress with a bold Dorothy Perkins coat, and Marc Jacob bangles. I just can't get enough of coats this season, they're great for layering and unbelievably warm. This is a great Winter look, keep everything clean and crisp with simple colours, the bold colours will help compliment the pearl tones in your dress.

BELT it out
If you're not ready to plum-met to the other side, why not opt for a belt? This beautiful BCBGMAXAZRIA Peplum Waist Belt will extend your wardrobe, bringing your outfit from mere fashion to fashion-forward. The best part is, if they trend ever dies down, not to worry just unlatch your belt!

Just to finish things off, this is probably one of my favourite peplum looks, Blake Lively in a Cushnie et Ochs peplum gown. The metal detailing is so bold and futuristic, it really gets me waisted!