Friday, May 11, 2012

It's a WARzone in the WARDROBE

Excuse the pun, it's almost nearly 2:30am, and the tiny part of my brain that is still functioning is slowly moving into sarcastically sadistic mode. A few people have been asking me to blog about some of the new additions my wardrobe has so happily welcomed, in the past two months. This is just the majority of it, there's a few pieces in the wash/being shipped (on-line shopping absolutely kills me!).

It's time to clothes up!

1. Dress me please

Mustering up some Red Courage

1. Red cut-out dress, 2. Mustard dress from Envious, 3. Marc Jacobs inspired sun-dress, 4. Pure Hype Red Halter.

Love or hate this sun-dress? Personally, I can't get enough of the bold colours, but I've had others tell me it's a walking mess.

Block out

1. Red-violet backless dress 2.Spicy Sugar Strapless Dress 3.Pure Hype Pink Cut-out dress 4.One shouldered Block Dress

I'm madly crushing on bright, bold, clashing colours right now. The strapless dress also has a line of studs, which adds an edge to an otherwise feminine yet bold dress. 

Daytime fun

1. Pure Hype Floral strapless dress, Sunnygirl Heart cutout dress, Lushous Silk Dress, Pure Hype Maxi Dress

It's unfortunate the weather hasn't been looking up, because I was really hoping to wear these during Autumn! The Lushous Metallic Dress is almost completely backless, which adds a different dimension and helps contrast its simple design.

Valour Colour

1. Senses Asymmetrical Hemline Dress 2.Lace cut-out Bebe Sydney Dress 3.Green Cooper Street dress, 4. Miss Shop Navy Cocktail Dress

The Cooper Street dress was actually a present from my mummy, it's a beautiful Jungle Green/Mint colour, and is perfect for any formal occassion if you want to stand out of crowd.

Back to black
1. Sass Simple Black Drape Dress, Milk and Honey beaded LBD, Free Fusion Pink Strapless Dress, Free Fusion Cocktail Zipper Dress 

I absolutely adore this Milk and Honey Dress, it has an intricate, edgy bead and sequin detailing, and the back is almost completely bare. The shoulder design helps compliment the structured look, whilst providing a bit of glamour. 

Pass me a mint please

So I found these at a sale, for my one of my bestfriends and I to hit the town/club or to just be spontaneously fun. It's 'the' turn to breakup dress, the one that screams "I'm single, come over here right now!"

Coat of hearts

1. Azul Coat
For those of you who know me, you've probably seen me wearing this around quite a bit. Can't help it, I guess I just heart it.

Pretty as a picture
Probably three of my favourite items. From Vaudeville and Burlesque, by Urban Outfitters. The best thing is that you can ask them to personally tailor items for you, so every piece can be an original!

2. Try to top this

Tip Top

1. Free Fusion Lace cut-out pink shirt 2. Free Fusion Simple Lace Singlet 3. Bond Singlet 4. Just Add Sugar Mint Festival Top 

I bought a few simple tops for the Summer/Autumn transition, but because the weather has been so unpredictable I still haven't had a chance to wear them. I'm loving the mint green top, and the feminine frill design. The material is so soft, I sometimes feel like a cat and want to just snuggle into it...

Dare you to top these sequins
1. Gold sequinned Shirt, Envious Egyptian-inspired shirt, Lushous one-shouldered silk shirt, Miss Shop Basic Pink Shirt, MINKPINK Black cut-out shirt

Although the colour's and design has turned out quite mediocre here, the MINKPINK cut-out shirt is one of my Winter must-haves. It's simple and the cut-outs offer a festival-feel to it. Perfect for a breezy day.

In spire my inspiration
1. Tommy Hilfiger cardigan 2. Envious Bow Shirt 3. Twiggy inspiration T-shirt, 4. Lushous Mauve Slip

I've been wearing this Twiggy T-shirt everywhere, she's one of my favourite 1960s Mod Models. It's actually a men's small size because they didn't offer the print for women, but I still got it anyway! I was really looking forward to wearing the mauve cardigan throughout Autumn, but since I'm out of the house by 7:00am, it's just too unbelievably cold to wear it. 

3. Leave it, legs go

Bottoms up
1. Fushia Pink Skirt 2. Indy C Tangerine Shorts 3. MINKPINK High-waisted Velvet shorts 4. Miss Shop High Waisted Shorts

I can't get enough of this pink colour, it's fun, flirty and very girly! The MINKPINK shorts are actually a simple teal/forest-green shade, and would look perfect for Winter with a pair of boots.

Rock Bottom
`1. Bebe Sydney Black Lace Skirt 2. Indy C Button High-waisted shorts 3. Otto Mode Leopard Print Skirt

I've been a big fan of leopard print for a while now, it's bold and totally over the top - which is why it's so fantastic. To avoid looking like a cougar, try not to match leopard on leopard, instead opt for clashing fabrics (e.g. leopard print with lace, velvet or leather. It'll add a different dimension to your outfit).

Just Jeans
1. Dotti Velvet Skinny Legs 2. Lost Highway Acid Washed Jeans 3. Romeo and Juliet Tan Zipper Pants

Can't get enough of pants, especially the velvet texture of the Dotti ones.

4. You're such a jewel

Just a few bits and pieces to accentuate any outfit! How amazing is that moustache ring? This is me when I wear it:

Chanel necklaces
I'm loving the white one (right) more than the diamonte one (left), it's different and ever so elegant and feminine!

This one wasn't so much a purchase I had made personally, but something my mummy got me. It was originally a 18K vintage gold piece, but she thought I had too many gold pieces so she went and got it done in white gold instead for me. I love it!

5. Access to your accessories 
What outfit is complete without a few accessories and a daring bag?

1. Leather envelope clutch with an owl design (present from my cousin) 2. Colette Jem Square Turnlock Crossbody 3. Colette Snakeskin Clutch 4. Dotti Hot Pink Bag 5. Dot scarf (this thing is massive, it's a good 2mx2m) 6. Sportsgirl Florentia Panama in Burnt Orange (they've sold out already) 7. Dotti Farrah Felt Floppy Hat

6. Heel-p I'm in trouble

I really haven't dived too far into the realm of shoes lately, and the shoes I have bought have all been necessary, simple purchases (black flats, footy boots - you get the point, so I won't bother taking a photo of them!) I did get a few wedges, one of my favourite being these:

Ko Fashion Cobain Wedges in Emerald Green. I recently discovered KO Fashion and just can't get enough of their bright, audacaious loud heels!

Until next time, and in the meantime hope you guys are all having a gobsmacking fantastic day


  1. That bird necklace is honestly very very pretty :)

  2. What about the heels then? (:

  3. I don't like the heels! :(