Friday, October 26, 2012

How to wear: Velvet

Velvet in spring is probably as rare as beach bodies built from chocolate cravings. But, it''s possible to look fresh in velvet this Spring, despite the melting hot days of Sydney Springtime! 

Think velvet accents, here I've gone for velvet pumps and an adorable floppy hat (it's important to keep protected this Summer, so slap on the sunscreen and hats!). Keep the look together with a breezy collared singlet and high-waisted shorts. 

Try to match accessories with your core colours, here I've gone for neutrals with pearl elements.

Every time I wear this outfit, I always put on Earthquake by Freedom Fry. Love it, or hate it?

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Everyone has those days, the ones where you think your stomach resembles that of the hindside of a pig, rather than the flat 'fitspo' one you've been training all year for. Well, to those days I say: screw you. Wear what you want, what you like, and if you're going to hang and show like you're 9 months pregnant, then so be it. Love your body girls! 

Now, less ranting and onto the outfit:
 Love the Urban Outfitters Vaudeville & Burlesque Cross Front Dress? For a great spring shout, I've added a lot of bold colours, like red, aqua and yellow with a navy blue Peter Pan coat (it's perfect for every weather). However, I kept heels a neutral colour, so more attention could be drawn to the outfit. 

Loving the peter-pan inspired coat?