Monday, June 20, 2011

you CLOG my arteries

I can't say that I'm not guilty of this secret pleasure of mine: this whole craze of wedges/clogs. But hey, how could you blame them? They're versatile and oh-so-comfortable. It's almost like eating a 0 calorie chocolate bar, you get all the benefits of hot heels, but you don't get the aching pain the next morning.

Ready to drool ladies? Because I know I did.

1. Key to attention
Head for a statement shoe, and balance this out with a more neutral outfit. Add a beautiful red lip, and you'll be catching all the attention!

2. Colour Block
It's cold, it's dreary and it's dull. But that's doesn't mean you have to be as well! Add a splash, and I don't mean a flick, I mean go and pour a bucket of colour all over you outfit!

(By the way, how gorgeous is this Lulu in Chains dress? I will be posting more up soon, keep your eyes peeled!)

Or you could even match it with a bright blazer. Gosh, no one ever read this blog, but I pretend people do, so I could basically type whatever nonsense I want and probably the only person who'd notice was the three-year-future me when I return to this site on a bored Saturday afternoon. Or a bored Friday night, because hey, let's face it - the only action I get is from playing Neopets.

3. Sophisticated casual
Want to wear something that doesn't scream, "THESE SHOES ARE THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION," but instead whispers, "hello there, I was born purely to make you jealous of my shoe collection." Then opt for a more softer colour. These are perfect for a quiet day at the cafe, or a simple stroll through the markets.  


I absolutely adore 'dropdeadgorgeousdaily' - check out their takes on the wedge.  

Sunday, April 24, 2011


As long as it's fake, work it ladies. There's nothing like a fancy, fur that frolics on your fabulous shoudlers. Did someone say feminine?

Decked in faux fur Lux by Rachel Zoe, fur can transform an outfit from drab to fabulous.
Fendi shows the power of a seductive smokey eye when combined with a cougar coat.

1. CentrepieceAbsolutely stunning and warm, it's bound to make head turns. Match the bold, loud coat with something simple, such as a neutral skirt or skinnies. And don't forget your miu miu heels and satchel bag (of course you have one, even if it means you'll be in debt for 2 years). 

2. Wear it loud and proudThis requires confidence and a whole lot of 'let me show you what I'm made of'. Drape it over a maxi dress for a boho effect, or just go all out and deck yourself. But remember, make sure you wear the piece, and the piece doesn't wear you.

In this case, I wouldn't opt for the bag, it's neutral tone defies the edginess and grunge-feel of the whole outfit.

3. Fur your accessories
Don't get me wrong, when fur first hit the world, I was caught in a furball. Okay, I'll stop with the puns. But if fur's too out there for you, try something simpler, such as feather accents, or fur accessories. They'll add spice to your outfit, without attracting all the attention.

Match a beautiful feather cape to any simple outfit. Stay away from bold necklaces and bracelets if you're wearing a cape. Opt instead for vintage rings to accentuate the feminity of your outfit.

These fur accents are to-die-for. Think 'Balmain' shoulder blazers with fur accents and tight jeans. Add on a pair of heels, tousled heels and a dark smokey eye and you're perfect for a night out.

Remember girls, with fur - fake it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Money money money...

What corner of our world hasn't been slaughtered by the powerful weapons of money? And yet, we can't pretend we don't sometimes want to sink our teeth into materialism. I will striahgt out admit, I'm a guilty follower of such - just look at this blog, if it isn't about fashion, it's about fashion.

But where do we stop? When do we brake? Or will it just become a part of life, a source of our future, a desire?

Inescapability that courses through our lives, creating havoc

When will we be satisfied? When we are drinking the bliss wines of greed?
It becomes a part of us, a part of who we dream to be and a part of everything we don't want to be..
Or maybe one day we'll grow old together, hand in hand
You'll share my pains, the pains you've caused
And we'll be in perfect symbiosis

How do we stop this hunger, this burning desire when there are no visible flames?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who said that green couldn't be blue?

What is art? Is it the beauty of nudity, the freshness of colour, the splash of excitement? Everything is art, its inescapable beauty drives this world. Tear a page, and start afresh.

Lily Cole, shot by Tim Walker

For days when we aren't Daddy's Little Princess. Shot by Tim Walker

Where do you stand in this world? What stares back at you at the end your day, end of your time? Is it the pain you've inflicted, pain you've resolved, or the pain that throbs in your chest? Shot by Tim Walker

Fire burns, but so does your soul. Shot by Richard Avedon

I'm crushing on Tim Walker's works at the moment. The bitterness that runs through the overly sweetness of his pieces are so intriguing. And so I leave you with this: why do some of us choose to end our lives, when so many could only dream of having a life like ours?

Shot by Dorothea Lange

Shot by Dorothea Lange

Shot by Dorothea Lange

When the heartache of not knowing what lies ahead, when the future will end, and when the suffering will become a dull, numb ache. Take a step back, it's not all bad.

The freedom of the next two photographs are absolutely inspiring. Love is like an antidote for our wounds. The love for our family, love for ourselves and the love for others.