Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea Party

Don't you just love desserts? They are so beautiful and delicious! And who doesn't love spending time with friends? Re-introducing Tea Parties! They combine the best of everything, and are so feminine and elegant. Accesorise with plenty of rosebuds, doilies and lace dears!
So get ready to make a healthy swap from glunky Maccas and movie outings for the delicate and sweet Tea-Parties this Summer. It'll make you feel old-fashioned and positively regal. Make sure you dress appropriately!

After all, the dainty outfits are half the fun.

1. Earl Grey Tea

2. Green Tea
This look is simple yet refreshing, just like the tea itself.


Crushing on: long white dresses

You're probably thinking wedding gown galore, but since Serena wore that memorable Oscar de la Renta gown at the white party, I've been hooked ever since. Match it with some gold or silver accesories, or maybe a green sash belt to avoid looking like a runaway bride.

Blake Lively and the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown

This one-shouldered gown gives a beautiful grecian look, match it with some stand-out accessories to avoid looking like a bride. This would be perfect for any formal events, or you could even dress it down with a watch, wavy beach hair and simple jewelled sandals for a special dinner event.

Not keen to opt for a white gown? Why not try something with a mix of colours? And if you haven't noticed, yes I am absolutely crushing hard on these flowing dresses! Another Oscar de la Renta creation below:

The art of minimalism

Minimalism delves on the theory that 'less is more'. Well, seeing as we're knee deep in a financial crisis, and with Queensland's recent flooding, looks like we won't be spending so much on clothes ! Buckle your seat belts because next stop it McMinimalism!

1. Simple Sam
Probably one of the most basic and easy to pull off pieces if a simple white shirt with a pair of shorts. Match it with your favourite pair of thongs or flats

 2. Go black to basics
How cute is this romper? The bowpockets add a touch of feminism to this otherwise basic ensemble. Think easy-day-wear for this, so why not opt for some gold/pink flats or brown gladiators?
 3. Minimalist Fashion
This cute-as-pie frock is absolutely beautiful. Without accessories our attention is diverted to the A-line ruffle skirt bottoms and edgy white top. This is a gorgeous pristine look, and with a touch of 'au natural' makeup, you'll look fresh yet sophisticated and elegant.
too expensive for you? Try this adorable number by ASOS instead

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trendy or Daggy...khaki/army?

You might have recently noticed that khaki or army style has come back in fashion, being featured in runway shows or sported by celebs.

This military trend (a close cousin of the popular Nautical trend) is versatile, and there are army pants, dresses, skirts...even beanies! But, once again-is this one of those trends only models can pull off? Or is it acually a cute option for those tired of jeans?

1. Cute as pie khakis
Think khakis are just for dads on lazy Sundays? Think again. Add some girl-power to your khakis by teaming them with adorable wedges and girly accessories. The light print will give you a sophisticated, yet casual look. Perfect for picnics/movies/shopping

2. Bring in the forces
Slap on a military jacket to bedazzle your ensemble, but becareful of looking too 'Michael Jackson' (RIP) or 'USSR'. Go for something that's edgy, yet flirty at the same time, and team it up with a pair of killer heels and rocking confidence