Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who said that green couldn't be blue?

What is art? Is it the beauty of nudity, the freshness of colour, the splash of excitement? Everything is art, its inescapable beauty drives this world. Tear a page, and start afresh.

Lily Cole, shot by Tim Walker

For days when we aren't Daddy's Little Princess. Shot by Tim Walker

Where do you stand in this world? What stares back at you at the end your day, end of your time? Is it the pain you've inflicted, pain you've resolved, or the pain that throbs in your chest? Shot by Tim Walker

Fire burns, but so does your soul. Shot by Richard Avedon

I'm crushing on Tim Walker's works at the moment. The bitterness that runs through the overly sweetness of his pieces are so intriguing. And so I leave you with this: why do some of us choose to end our lives, when so many could only dream of having a life like ours?

Shot by Dorothea Lange

Shot by Dorothea Lange

Shot by Dorothea Lange

When the heartache of not knowing what lies ahead, when the future will end, and when the suffering will become a dull, numb ache. Take a step back, it's not all bad.

The freedom of the next two photographs are absolutely inspiring. Love is like an antidote for our wounds. The love for our family, love for ourselves and the love for others.


  1. Wow. These pictures are awesome. Your work is under appreciated :)

  2. This blog needs more views! Its so well done! Keep up the good work!