Monday, April 18, 2011

Money money money...

What corner of our world hasn't been slaughtered by the powerful weapons of money? And yet, we can't pretend we don't sometimes want to sink our teeth into materialism. I will striahgt out admit, I'm a guilty follower of such - just look at this blog, if it isn't about fashion, it's about fashion.

But where do we stop? When do we brake? Or will it just become a part of life, a source of our future, a desire?

Inescapability that courses through our lives, creating havoc

When will we be satisfied? When we are drinking the bliss wines of greed?
It becomes a part of us, a part of who we dream to be and a part of everything we don't want to be..
Or maybe one day we'll grow old together, hand in hand
You'll share my pains, the pains you've caused
And we'll be in perfect symbiosis

How do we stop this hunger, this burning desire when there are no visible flames?

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