Sunday, April 24, 2011


As long as it's fake, work it ladies. There's nothing like a fancy, fur that frolics on your fabulous shoudlers. Did someone say feminine?

Decked in faux fur Lux by Rachel Zoe, fur can transform an outfit from drab to fabulous.
Fendi shows the power of a seductive smokey eye when combined with a cougar coat.

1. CentrepieceAbsolutely stunning and warm, it's bound to make head turns. Match the bold, loud coat with something simple, such as a neutral skirt or skinnies. And don't forget your miu miu heels and satchel bag (of course you have one, even if it means you'll be in debt for 2 years). 

2. Wear it loud and proudThis requires confidence and a whole lot of 'let me show you what I'm made of'. Drape it over a maxi dress for a boho effect, or just go all out and deck yourself. But remember, make sure you wear the piece, and the piece doesn't wear you.

In this case, I wouldn't opt for the bag, it's neutral tone defies the edginess and grunge-feel of the whole outfit.

3. Fur your accessories
Don't get me wrong, when fur first hit the world, I was caught in a furball. Okay, I'll stop with the puns. But if fur's too out there for you, try something simpler, such as feather accents, or fur accessories. They'll add spice to your outfit, without attracting all the attention.

Match a beautiful feather cape to any simple outfit. Stay away from bold necklaces and bracelets if you're wearing a cape. Opt instead for vintage rings to accentuate the feminity of your outfit.

These fur accents are to-die-for. Think 'Balmain' shoulder blazers with fur accents and tight jeans. Add on a pair of heels, tousled heels and a dark smokey eye and you're perfect for a night out.

Remember girls, with fur - fake it.


  1. Oh my goodness, girlfriend! That's what I'm talking about!I absolutely love fur! I wish i found this blog sooner.

    LOVE IT!

  2. WOMAN! I've been trying to find me some fur! I love this post! LOL and Balmain.. man i wish i could afford his stuff! :(