Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea Party

Don't you just love desserts? They are so beautiful and delicious! And who doesn't love spending time with friends? Re-introducing Tea Parties! They combine the best of everything, and are so feminine and elegant. Accesorise with plenty of rosebuds, doilies and lace dears!
So get ready to make a healthy swap from glunky Maccas and movie outings for the delicate and sweet Tea-Parties this Summer. It'll make you feel old-fashioned and positively regal. Make sure you dress appropriately!

After all, the dainty outfits are half the fun.

1. Earl Grey Tea

2. Green Tea
This look is simple yet refreshing, just like the tea itself.


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  1. Oh sweet! Lylee's Cameo appearance on this blog.