Monday, June 20, 2011

you CLOG my arteries

I can't say that I'm not guilty of this secret pleasure of mine: this whole craze of wedges/clogs. But hey, how could you blame them? They're versatile and oh-so-comfortable. It's almost like eating a 0 calorie chocolate bar, you get all the benefits of hot heels, but you don't get the aching pain the next morning.

Ready to drool ladies? Because I know I did.

1. Key to attention
Head for a statement shoe, and balance this out with a more neutral outfit. Add a beautiful red lip, and you'll be catching all the attention!

2. Colour Block
It's cold, it's dreary and it's dull. But that's doesn't mean you have to be as well! Add a splash, and I don't mean a flick, I mean go and pour a bucket of colour all over you outfit!

(By the way, how gorgeous is this Lulu in Chains dress? I will be posting more up soon, keep your eyes peeled!)

Or you could even match it with a bright blazer. Gosh, no one ever read this blog, but I pretend people do, so I could basically type whatever nonsense I want and probably the only person who'd notice was the three-year-future me when I return to this site on a bored Saturday afternoon. Or a bored Friday night, because hey, let's face it - the only action I get is from playing Neopets.

3. Sophisticated casual
Want to wear something that doesn't scream, "THESE SHOES ARE THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION," but instead whispers, "hello there, I was born purely to make you jealous of my shoe collection." Then opt for a more softer colour. These are perfect for a quiet day at the cafe, or a simple stroll through the markets.  


I absolutely adore 'dropdeadgorgeousdaily' - check out their takes on the wedge.  


  1. I always read your blog :)

  2. i read your blog sometimes hun :) keep blogging and pretend that the whole world is reading and following your advice :) p.s. i love the picture of the girl with the brown maxi skirt.