Monday, July 16, 2012

Like a bunny

I was packing for camp the other day and came across a few things in my closet I've completely forgotten about, so this is just a quick outfit I put together. Did someone say warm?

Blazers give a versatile touch, you can dress them up and down, and they're always a big hit during Winter, when the weather is about as unpredictable as my study patterns. I've thrown together denim with khaki for a Winter twist, it's undoubtedly warm but it's also different from the common cotton shirt and jeans. Accessories were kept minimal, but statement (I went for a simple red lip stain to match the dark reds in the headband)

Chill out, have fun. YOLO (just kidding.....)

Marc Jacobs blazer, Romeo and Juliet bottoms, RMK Heels, Stella McCartney bag

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