Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leap into LEOPARDS

Leopard prints are making a faster comeback this year than the Spicegirls Tour. So, are they here to stay or not? Personally, I am the biggest fan of leopard print, they shout 'cougar' faster than this baby

Here I've gone for a tailored leopard print velvet blazer, and then to add a bit of spice a sequinned skirt (don't be afraid to mix prints/textiles, it can be unique and exciting). If mixing prints just isn't for you, try an A-lined black skirt, and just to be audacious a pair of YSL white pumps (I'm never going to afford this, but why not dream big?)

Similar to Caggie Dunlop in Made in Chelsea 
But if you're more meerkat than leopard, maybe opt for this blazer with leopard print roll-up sleeves.

If blazers are a bit too forced for you, try a simple clutch. You're sure to be a BIG CATch (if you know what I mean...). Now, just ignoring the horrible paint job, this is a simple Vanessa Barrantes Penelope Dress (think vintage, sweet glam look), matched with a striking pair of red Mary Janes. Now, depending on your style you can either go glam with a sequinned leopard print clutch  or a box clutch for a more sophisticated look. 

Personally, I have a soft spot for leopard prints, but they're like candy - have too much and you're just absolutely out of control, have too little and you're about as exciting as hay.

Add a spice of leopard print (think loafers or head scarves) - here's a touch of inspiration.

Until next time, hope you'll be spotting this trend. (I think I'm going to spot...I mean stop)


  1. That's so awesome. I'm thinking of pairing my leopard print loafers with a fun leopard headscarf! You're so full of good ideas! Lol! Jokes I hate you hahahahahah?

    1. Hi Vee (: great job last night, truly mascot-worthy!