Monday, January 17, 2011

The art of minimalism

Minimalism delves on the theory that 'less is more'. Well, seeing as we're knee deep in a financial crisis, and with Queensland's recent flooding, looks like we won't be spending so much on clothes ! Buckle your seat belts because next stop it McMinimalism!

1. Simple Sam
Probably one of the most basic and easy to pull off pieces if a simple white shirt with a pair of shorts. Match it with your favourite pair of thongs or flats

 2. Go black to basics
How cute is this romper? The bowpockets add a touch of feminism to this otherwise basic ensemble. Think easy-day-wear for this, so why not opt for some gold/pink flats or brown gladiators?
 3. Minimalist Fashion
This cute-as-pie frock is absolutely beautiful. Without accessories our attention is diverted to the A-line ruffle skirt bottoms and edgy white top. This is a gorgeous pristine look, and with a touch of 'au natural' makeup, you'll look fresh yet sophisticated and elegant.
too expensive for you? Try this adorable number by ASOS instead

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