Monday, February 25, 2013

Travels through Hong Kong

This is one of the outfits I wore in Hong Kong. This is simple street-wear, mixed with tones of burgundy red and denim. A massive heads up: When you go travelling make sure you wear comfortable shoes. I cannot stress this enough. There is absolutely no point in packing cute wedges, or strappy sandals if they're going to give you blisters!

If you can't imagine walking 5 hours in those shoes, DO NOT PACK THEM. 

I think I drank this Haagen Dazs in the quickest time possible with my three straws. Someone say pig? Honestly Hong Kong, China and Taiwan is like an amazing food festival. Your stomach is always enticed by all the weirdest and most(ly) delicious foods. 

Me eating some Chinese Egg preserved in herbal tea and spices. (I thought it would be ridiculously bitter, but it was very sweet)

A boat out on the horizon. Although it never really rained when I was overseas, there was unfortunately limited beautiful blue skies, like the ones you get in Australia

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