Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flowers Food and Fun in Hong Kong

I recently visited the beautiful Hong Kong, Taiwan and went to regions around China and it was absolutely amazing. Simply because I am utterly lazy, I will let all these gorgeous photos do the talking! 

The food was mouthwatering, the prices dirt cheap and the people were loud, bubbly and full of life.

Food! More food! All the food in the world! 
Look at all these things... I can't eat! 

Lamb Brisket

Portuguese Tarts

During the celebration of Chinese New Year, flowers are seen as a symbol of prosperity for the coming year so they are extremely popular. They are sold on almost every second street and every business is decked from head to toe in the most beautiful flowers ever. It was quite hot when I went back (generally 20 degrees) so most people bought 2 boutiques of flowers because their first bunch blossomed too early.

Just giving fashion a miss this blog post!

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