Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SNEAKing suspiscions

The sneaker-wedge has taken off faster than the average student's attention span, but the real question is would you wear it? Everyone from Miranda Kerr to Olivia Palermo and Beyonce have been sporting these, they're flashy, glittery and scream ''look at me''.

Personally, they're a bit too exquisite for exercise, afterall is that not what sneakers are for? To tone those thigh muscles? The only things you'll be toning in these are blisters on your feet.


Even Nike has jumped on the bandwagon

Miu Miu's glitter and sparkle bonanza in 2011



Jeffrey Campbell Ascension
Jeffrey Campbell takes this to a whole new level, you can't help but admire his creativity. Love or loathe?

However, in saying that, I don't mind these metallic Adidas, they'd be harder to keep clean than your room, but at least they're not 10cm high. Until then, hope this has jogged your memory!

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  1. OMG....I totally love this post!! I love all except the last one ;)
    I agree with you, they are not good for exercising in, but they are comfy, for daily use and they look soooo cute!
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