Monday, December 2, 2013

In the Lime Light

Limes: perfect for tequila, salmon and fashion. Make a statement with this appeeling colour, splashes of fun and fruitfully fancy! Matching pieces are the absolute bomb this year, however if you're not into the whole crop top look, you can always throw on a cardigan to tone it down. 

I'm absolutely loving gold accessories at the moment, especially triangular layered necklace and this Marc Jacobs watch.

Make up kept simple. Feel free to go for a tangerine lip, or if you're pasty pastries like me, a bit of bronzer, blush and fake tan can go a long way! Love it, hate it, think it's sublime, or merely don't rind? 


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    1. You're so punny.... :) On another note: Optimus Lime hahaha

  2. You are so beautiful!! I love this blog :)

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  3. if i were a guy i'd think of a really good pick up lime to get your number! ;) HAHAHAH looking good rose!