Thursday, October 11, 2012


Everyone has those days, the ones where you think your stomach resembles that of the hindside of a pig, rather than the flat 'fitspo' one you've been training all year for. Well, to those days I say: screw you. Wear what you want, what you like, and if you're going to hang and show like you're 9 months pregnant, then so be it. Love your body girls! 

Now, less ranting and onto the outfit:
 Love the Urban Outfitters Vaudeville & Burlesque Cross Front Dress? For a great spring shout, I've added a lot of bold colours, like red, aqua and yellow with a navy blue Peter Pan coat (it's perfect for every weather). However, I kept heels a neutral colour, so more attention could be drawn to the outfit. 

Loving the peter-pan inspired coat?

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