Tuesday, June 26, 2012


One of the biggest problems I have is actually getting rings to fit me. Unless I belittle myself and buy cheap little 'BEST FWEND' Diva rings intended for 5 year olds, they just about never fit me. So this is just a neat trick I use to get bigger rings to fit on me (without needing to resize them).

See? Dilemma, there is absolutely no hope that this petal ring will ever fit on my fingers 

The Plan? Grab a ring that DOES fit and place it above the loose ring (here I've gone for an adjustable heart ring in a gold tone. Yes.... just about the only rings that fit me are adjustable rings. So sad). It'll act as a barrier/barricade/stopper (you get the point)

 Ta da! Now there's no hope of the ring falling off.

Simple, but works every time!

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