Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Would you wear...clogs?

Clog it up ladies and gentlemen, because they're hitting the run way like there's no tomorrow! Whilst stars such as Mary Kate are sporting the look, and are the superstar of Chanel's 2010 collection, the question remains - would you wear them? And if so, how?
Here are some cool tips to get you started, if you can't wait to join the fashion bandwagon of CLOGS!

1. Try mixing it with florals, to add a toughness to the somewhat sweet dress. This look is perfect for a picnic

2. Dutch-ilicious
Why not go back to the roots of the mighty clogs and embody the spirit of the Dutch! Here's a take on a traditional look that doesn't shout costume.

3. Too afraid to try clogs?
Why not opt for wooden heelsNo ladies, we are not talking wedges but ALDO has a cute range that is the equivalent of clog meets studded heels. These are perfect as they match something as simple as jeans to a cute pink lace bandage skirt. But best of all, they'll probably survive more than 1 season, afterall I hear clogs although trendy have a short lifespan.

Tuck the simple tee into the cute navy blue poof skirt and add kitsch gold nautical accesories! Ahoy sailor!


  1. I love the things you post! :D

    Usually the fashion blogs I see have clothes that aren't really my taste. But yours is different!

  2. CLOGS!!!!!!!!

    can u do one on bike shorts.
    i'm not sure about them
    i know louis vuitton had some a while back.
    bike shorts....hideously cool? :/

  3. you're awesome. JOKES. you're actually pretty lame. and you will never guess who this is. ahahaha i win.

  4. more posts? hello?

  5. ROSE U HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME BLOG! stalk stalk stalk hahaha. btw i love those aldo clogs!